This website collects no user details, such as names or email addresses: we use no forms.

The website server has some temporary logs of your IP address and browser type information (7 days’ worth) but we don’t process or share that data, or store any of your details in a database.

We do use Google Analytics (and so their cookies) to track the site’s traffic.
We don’t currently look at Google’s reports, but would like to be able to have some history of the site’s usage over time for future interest and capacity planning.

To comply with the GDPR we have taken the following steps to reduce the information that Google can track and store:

  • turned off all Google data sharing options
  • we never used any Google link attribution options
  • we never used any Google advertising features (but we turned ‘demographic and interest reports’ off for good measure)
  • lowered Google’s data retention to the shortest option of 14 months
  • we never used the Google User-ID feature
  • turned on the IP anonymization feature

We believe this means the Google tracking from now on is anonymous, but still should leave us with a count of the website visitors.

If you have any questions or issues about our policy, please contact us.